10 indications you are resisting your happiness potential Most of us want to live content.

You avoid intimacyThe dependence on intimacy is definitely fundamental to romantic relationships and happiness. When you avoid close associations or shy away from deeper connections with people, you lose out on this aspect of existence. 10. You relive the bad times, but observe the memories from a mental distanceHappy people have a tendency to relive happy remembrances close up and view upsetting memories as though from a distance, such as a neutral observer.The website features an integrated Web store, powerful browsing features, and a dynamic purchasing environment. Related StoriesClaritas Genomics announces launch of Claritas Clinical Exome, novel diagnostic testEpilepsy Culture becomes third customer of Complete Genomics' recently introduced Revolocity systemResearchers discover higher genetic diversity among cancer cells than anticipated The site offers a single destination for everything genomics, from browse to buy, said Gustavo Salem, Agilent vice president and general manager, Biological Systems Division. The new Web site is focused on the customers’ dependence on easy to get at product and scientific content, integrated with an web store to get streamlined purchasing seamlessly.