3D printer reconstructs mans face after motorcycle crash In a surgical milestone.

That allowed them to arrange for the surgery virtually on a computer screen and actually on a style of Power’s skull. Next, they printed medical-grade titanium implants using the same printers, and put them in during a rigorous 8-hour operation. ‘Without this advanced technology, it’s freehand. You need to guess where everything will go. The technology we can be a lot more precise and get yourself a better result for the patient,’ explained Dr. Adrian Sugars, the consultant maxillofacial doctor who performed the procedure, in a hospital news release.They had fewer health problems and exercised longer by 1 also.5 hours. Another study found that people with congenital and adult-onset neuromuscular disorders also benefited from gratitude journaling. For individuals who held a gratitude journal, quality of sleep was enhanced with longer hours and a more refreshed feeling upon waking. They felt elevated optimism about the upcoming week also, more satisfaction with their lives and a larger connection to others compared with the non-journaling individuals in the study. Practices for cultivating gratitudeThis all sounds well and good, but just how do we begin to instill even more gratitude into our hectic days? A common theme among positive psychologists: start small and slow down.