5 Main Disadvantages of Caffeine on Your Brain And Body With our current economic climate.

Caffeine can cause REM sleep to change to the early part of the night, meaning you’ll fall in and out of your deep sleep too early in your sleep cycle, resulting in restless nights and tired work days. 2) Caffeine COULD CAUSE Incontinence: A study from the University of Alabama has figured women who consume huge doses of caffeine regularly are 70 percent much more likely to build up incontinence. Hard to end up being productive if you are constantly having to relieve yourself. 3) Caffeine COULD CAUSE Indigestion: In a study from the University of Sydney and the Commonwealth Institute of Wellness, it was discovered that caffeine consumption, on an empty stomach especially, can cause painful indigestion which may lead to diarrhea.Patients were randomly assigned according to a computer-generated randomization list and were not stratified on the basis on the prior rate of development of basal-cell carcinomas. Each individual received the analysis drug for a maximum of 18 months until the occurrence of intolerable toxic results or clinical worsening of disease . Assessments Per process, we assessed tumor response by examining the skin at study visits, monthly for the first three months, almost every other month for another 6 months, and every three months for the ultimate 9 months of the 18-month study period.