56-Pound Tumor Taken off Womans Body BUENOS AIRES www.eriacta100.org.

56-Pound Tumor Taken off Woman’s Body BUENOS AIRES, Argentina There are plenty of things you don’t want to hear after surgeons remove a tumor from your body. ‘We were totally shocked,’ Dr www.eriacta100.org . Oscar Lopez, leader of a medical team that managed on an Argentinean female said. That’s one of these. Lopez had pulled a 56-pound tumor from the physical body of a 54-year-old housewife who prefers to stay anonymous. His group at Gandulfo Medical center in the town of Lomas de Zamora was expecting something the size of an orange. They pulled out a boulder rather. It was 19 ins across and required four hours to eliminate. Doctors removed her uterus ans ovaries also, according to the Daily Mail, and so are monitoring her for potential cancers.

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