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The H19 gene, found on chromosome 7, can be an important gene involved with growth. Normally, genes action just as, whether they are transmitted by the mom or the father. But, a few genes break this genetic rule. If they are started up or off depends upon whether they are inherited from the mother or the father. The process of inheriting specifically from the mother or the father is called imprinting. Dr Gardner attempt to discover the aftereffect of a moderately high proteins diet plan on imprinting and the viability of mouse blastocysts during reproduction in the living animal. He fed mice on a diet plan containing either 25 percent protein or 14 percent protein for four weeks. The mice had been mated and 42 of the resulting blastocysts had been examined to discover the imprinting position of the H19 gene; 174 blastocysts from mice on both diet programs were used in mice eating a normal diet to discover the consequences of the maternal diet during the preimplantation phases on subsequent foetal development.