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All patients will be followed carefully for protection and for the power of the vaccine to elicit protective immune responses in vaccinated participants. Patients will be compensated for their participation in the study. Only 10 to 12 persons will be selected to participate. Persons who believe they may qualify for the scholarly research should contact ARCA in or 404-876-2317. ARCA can be interested in identifying possible candidates who fit the enrollment criteria but have not however started anti-HIV drugs..A written report issued by China’s Ministry of Wellness implies that between 35 and 40 million people in China, or around 3 percent of the populace, have osteoporosis, and the real number of individuals is likely to increase to 150 million by the entire year 2025. The main active component of YSJG Gel is certainly Rhizoma Homalomenae, and also ginseng, safflower, and fleece flower root, and is definitely granted proprietary status by China’s SFDA. Mr. Tony Liu, CEO and Chairman of AOBO, commented, The addressable marketplace is huge and growing because of this product.