A Cancer Survivor Tale: HAVE CONFIDENCE IN Yourself You are much tougher than you imagine.

You truly don’t know everything you can and can’t do. Watch and see! When you are in the center of treatment and it feels as though you can not go one more step, that’s when you reach out to your Creator and He or She will come. A theme I discuss with many clients: If you come just a little ways, God will come all of those other way. A cancer trip is a chance to find God or deepen your faith. That’s among the gifts that you receive with this challenge. Your faith will never be exactly like it was before and you will be much closer to God for the rest of your life. If you are diagnosed you can easily fall into the hole of ‘why me’. But don’t let it last too much time, pick yourself up off the canvas. You have yet another round in you.We are excited that this transaction additional extends the ANI-Teva romantic relationship.’ ANI has forty-seven generic drug products under development addressing a total annual market size of approximately $3.0 billion, predicated on data from IMS Health.. AP poll: Us citizens underestimate their chances of needing long-term care because they age The Associated Press/Washington Post: Poll Finds People In Denial About THE NECESSITY For Long-Term Care As They Get Older We're in denial: Americans underestimate their chances of needing long-term treatment as they get older -; and are taking few steps to get ready. A new poll examined how people 40 and over are preparing for this difficult and frequently pricey fact of aging, and discovered two-thirds say they've done little to no setting up .