A neurostimulator device that detects.

Also on the horizon is a system that delivers a bolus of medication directly to the seizure concentrate in the brain, which might enhance efficacy and reduce side effects, along with gene therapy to modify abnormal brain tissue, says Dr. Park, who would like MCG to participate when those scholarly studies proceed to clinical trials.. A neurostimulator device that detects, stops seizures under research at Medical University of Georgia A small device implanted in the skull that detects oncoming seizures, then delivers a short electrical stimulus to the brain to stop them is under research at the Medical University of Georgia.Our paper is exclusive because we investigated the creative process experimentally and we also viewed the blood circulation in the mind while research topics were undergoing creative jobs. Folley and Park carried out two experiments to evaluate the creative thinking processes of schizotypes, schizophrenics and normal control subjects. In the 1st experiment, the researchers showed research subjects a variety of household items and asked them to make up new functions for them. The results showed that the schizotypes were better in a position to suggest brand-new uses for the objects creatively, as the schizophrenics and average subjects performed much like one another.