According to a fresh Northwestern Medicine study.

Experts analyzed adjustments in the medical diagnosis of ADHD and treatment of the disorder over this 10-year time frame. ‘ADHD is currently a common medical diagnosis among children and teenagers,’ stated Craig Garfield, M.D., first writer of the scholarly study. ‘The magnitude and quickness of this shift in one decade is likely due to an increased knowing of ADHD, which may have caused more doctors to recognize symptoms and diagnose the disorder.’ Garfield can be an associate professor in pediatrics and medical cultural sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg College of Medicine and a pediatrician at Children’s Memorial Hospital and Northwestern Memorial Medical center.It's a great thing to talk about this positive information with this community and continue our collaboration with Aetna. This agreement is good news for our users, stated Dan Delucia, Aetna Network vice president in New York. We are pleased to continue our network romantic relationship with Glens Falls hospital and provide our associates with in-network usage of its quality services. .

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