According to a fresh study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology this week from Penn Medicine experts.

Two landmark medical trials have shown that radiation plus hormone therapy creates a big and significant improvement in survival in more youthful men in accordance with hormone therapy by itself, but until now there has been no comparable analysis on treatment for older men with advanced prostate cancer. Addressing this issue for the first time, Penn's analysis team compared the combination of radiation plus hormone therapy versus hormone therapy alone among 31, 541 males with prostate malignancy ranging in age from 65 years to 85 years. Among guys age 65 to 75 years aged, radiation plus hormone therapy was associated with a reduction in prostate tumor deaths of 57 % relative to hormone therapy only .The school started this program to allow medical researchers to enhance their skills and knowledge at their own pace and within their own country, CNN writes. Currently, 2,500 college students are signed up for the program, that provides Master’s degrees and graduate diplomas in infectious diseases, public health and clinical trials. Andrew Haines, the director of the London School, said, We don’t teach people for the mind drain.