According to a new guideline co-authored by Yan Yu.

AAPM Task Group problems new radiation recommendations for brachytherapy Radiation dose delivered to the prostate and nearby organs in every brachytherapy procedure should be carefully analyzed using post-implant CT or MRI and uniformly documented in every individual, according to a new guideline co-authored by Yan Yu, Ph.D generic cymbalta ., director of Medical Physics in the section of Radiation Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University. The guideline was issued by a task group commissioned by the American Association of Physicists in Medication , in the November 2009 problem of Medical Physics and you will be published. With the widespread usage of image-guided dosimetry, there exists a need for developing a consensus methodology for dose prescription and reporting for prostate brachytherapy.

There is no doubt that appropriate prescription drug disposal programs prevent unnecessary tragedies, said AAPCC Executive Director and CEO Stephen T. Kaminski, J.D. AAPCC has, and will continue to support poison publicity prevention events, like the 2015 National Prescription Medication Take-Back Day because as professionals at poison centers understand all too well, it’s just too easy for unused medications to have the tactile hands of children, addicts, and others for whom they could be dangerous. According to the National Vital Statistics System , drug and pharmaceutical poisoning may be the number-one cause of injury loss of life in the U.S. AAPCC and America’s 55 poison centers are necessary in surveillance, avoidance, and pharmaceutical poisoning treatment initiatives.