According to a report showing up in the December 11 issue of JAMA.

Acid-inhibiting medications associated with improved risk for vitamin B12 deficiency Use for 2 or even more years of proton pump inhibitors and histamine 2 receptor antagonists was associated with a subsequent new diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency, according to a report showing up in the December 11 issue of JAMA. Vitamin B12 insufficiency is relatively common, especially among older adults; it has serious medical complications if undiagnosed potentially. Left untreated, supplement B12 deficiency can lead to dementia, neurologic damage, anemia, and other problems, which might be irreversible, relating to history information in this article.Advanced optical quality metrics can detect an array of minor imperfections in the visual performance of the attention. Computerized WFE analysis is now more open to detect these subtle vision defects widely, for example, within LASIK and corneal medical procedures. The new study suggests that some of these WFE-structured metrics may be useful in predicting which sufferers will have faster than normal age-related decline in visible acuity. ‘Correlations like those found within fast changing eyes permit the identification of those at risk of being on a fast track to acuity loss,’ Dr Koenig and coauthors conclude. ‘This raises the possibility that those patients might be able to become identified prior to their vision loss by just measuring these optical components at the outset,’ Dr Adams provides.