ActionAid challenges G8 about global food crisis response Days prior to the G8 summit in Hokkaido.

ActionAid’s survey also criticizes the G8’s failure to lessen greenhouse gas emissions, insisting that climate change has already been wreaking havoc on agriculture in developing countries. Anne Jellema, ActionAid’s International Director of Policy, said: ‘As the IPCC states, yields from rain-fed agriculture in some African countries are likely to drop by 50 percent by 2020 because of climate switch. This projected decline in efficiency is largely caused by the emissions of the polluting countries of the G8. ‘The G8 nations will be the world’s dirtiest emitters.Regulators thought we would waive the statutory laws that aim to prevent provider fraud, underutilization, overutilization and various other problems because providers responding to the proposed ACO rules warned the laws may avoid the creation of such entities, according to today’s rule . CQ HealthBeat: Hospitals Gain: No Mandatory Antitrust Review For Big ACOs Federal antitrust officials clearly paid attention to the issues of hospitals in shaping your final policy statement on accountable care companies that premiered on Thursday. Hospitals, which will be the dominant players in most ACOs, acquired expressed main concerns in feedback to the Division of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission about a proposal to require a mandatory antitrust review for the largest ACOs before they could become section of the Medicare plan.