Ahram Biosystems launches portable Palm PCR thermocycler system Ahram Biosystems.

Constructed on company’s proprietary technology, the Palm PCR delivers extremely accurate and reproducible results with high temperature uniformity . The tiny footprint and light weight , and authentic portability help to make devoted bench space no more needed; the Palm PCR system will fit on anyone’s workspace, even on a small tray in the car, and it can be stored away you should definitely in use.. Ahram Biosystems launches portable Palm PCR thermocycler system Ahram Biosystems, Inc., a leading innovator of new lease of life science tools, announced the launch of the Palm PCR system today, a forward thinking portable PCR device that delivers powerful nucleic acid amplification in a small handheld format. The palm-sized, battery-powered Palm PCR thermocycler represents a major breakthrough in PCR technology that promises to extend the range of applications of the well-set up technology beyond its current interior limitations.Isermann Professor at Rensselaer, who helped lead the scholarly study. This research, which combined the experience of chemical material and engineers scientists, took place in the Rensselaer Middle for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Research and the Rensselaer Nanoscale Research and Engineering Middle for the Directed Assembly of Nanostructures. Collaborating with Dordick were Rensselaer colleagues Ravi Kane, the P.K. Lashmet Professor of Biological and Chemical substance Engineering, and Linda Schadler, the Russell Sage Professor and associate dean for academic affairs for the Rensselaer School of Engineering. ‘In this study, we have identified a new technique for selectively killing specific types of bacteria. Stable enzyme-structured coatings or sprays could be used in food source infrastructure-from picking equipment to packaging to preparation-to eliminate listeria before anyone includes a chance to get sick from it,’ Kane stated.