Aires Pharmaceuticals signs permit agreement with NIH Aires Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Rubin acts as Aires’ Chief Medical Officer. Aironite is certainly aerosolized nitrate in a sustained launch formulation that delivers the drug to the areas of the lung and heart experiencing reduced oxygen and blood flow. Under these circumstances, Aironite is changed into nitric oxide, a substance with several benefits, including dilation of arteries and a reduced amount of inflammation and unwanted cell growth. The extensive research and technology for this treatment was identified in the laboratory of Dr. Mark Gladwin, formerly chief of the Vascular and Pulmonary Medicine Branch of the National Heart, Bloodstream and Lung Institute, and colleagues from other U.S.Also you have to realize that you can’t simply look for the word sugar on the ingredient labels on foods. You need to also look for conditions like maltodextrin and sucrose. Another form of sugar is fructose, which is found in soy protein products and body building supplements frequently. Fructose is somewhat better for you than sucrose, but fructose is normally a refined sugar still, and should be avoided by people seeking optimum health. Again, everything comes back to a good choice for sweeteners, and that choice is definitely stevia. The bottom line is that the study is showing sugar to be correlated with breast cancer now.