Allergies may actually lower brain tumor risk By Helen Albert.

This is our most significant finding, said Schwartzbaum. The longer before glioma medical diagnosis that the result of allergies is present, the less most likely it is that the tumor is usually suppressing allergy symptoms. Seeing this association so long before tumor diagnosis suggests that antibodies or some aspect of allergy is reducing tumor risk. As well as the findings for total IgE, females who tested positive for allergen-specific IgE had a significant 54 percent reduced risk for glioma weighed against women who tested detrimental , although no significant association was seen in men.Moore, M.D., Jenifer H. Voeks, Ph.D., L. Nelson Hopkins, M.D., Donald E. Cutlip, M.D., David J. Cohen, M.D., Jeffrey J. Popma, M.D., Robert D. Ferguson, M.D., Stanley N. Cohen, M.D., Joseph L. Blackshear, M.D., Frank L. Silver, M.D., J.P. Mohr, M.D., Brajesh K. Lal, M.D., and James F. Meschia, M.D. For the CREST Investigators: Stenting versus Endarterectomy for Treatment of Carotid-Artery Stenosis Carotid-artery atherosclerosis is an important cause of ischemic stroke.1 Carotid endarterectomy has been established as effective treatment for both symptomatic patients and asymptomatic patients.2-4 Carotid-artery stenting is another option for treatment.