Almonds Awesomeness Hey all Fit Femrs!

There are therefore many various kinds of healthy foods to pick from, no excuse is had by you but to eat more of them! Break out some awesome almonds. If you want a snack that tastes good but simultaneously healthy, then the trend is to try almonds? Although they are recognized to have a higher fat content, they are monosaturated body fat that are good for the body. It helps in reducing certain center diseases. Also, almonds have become good in reducing your body’s cholesterol. Raised chlesterol could give us health issues so having normal cholesterol levels are extremely important. Diabetes is among the major worries of adults men and women. But with the help of almonds, your blood sugars level shall normalize after eating them. Almonds are also incredibly fibrous, and everybody knows how fiber assists us poop right?? Yes, the sign of a healthy, regulated, digestive system.Go to: and enter your email free of charge show details + a FREE gift!. AR gene has contrary effects on prostate and breasts cancers Gene promotes prostate malignancy when ‘turned on,’ breasts cancers when -turned off-Researchers in Cleveland Clinic can see that a gene – called an androgen receptor – is situated in both prostate and breast cancers yet has reverse effects on these diseases. In prostate tumor, the AR gene promotes cancer growth when the gene is normally ‘fired up.’ In breast cancers, the AR gene encourages cancer growth when the gene is normally ‘turned off,’ as is the case after menopause often, when AR production ceases in women.