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Cibik. ‘Finally, there exists a safe option to traditional surgery which allows people to have more youthful vision to help maintain a more active way of living.’ The LenSx Difference In traditional cataract operation, the ophthalmologist makes several small incisions with a blade manually. The lens is then broken up and eliminated with a high-frequency ultrasound; known as phacoemulsification, this medical technique offers remained unchanged for days gone by 30 years largely. Now with laser-assisted, bladeless cataract surgery, an image-guided femtosecond laser beam allows the ophthalmologist to perform incisions with greater accuracy and accuracy.Hooper, M.R.C.P., Y.C. Gary Lee, Ph.D., Emma L. Hedley, Nicky Crosthwaite, R.G.N., Louise Choo, M.Sc., Emma J. Helm, F.R.C.R., Fergus V. Gleeson, M.D., Andrew J. Nunn, M.Sc., and Robert J.O. Davies, M.D.5,6 The mortality price from pleural infection is between 10 percent and 20 percent,5,7-9 and drainage through a upper body administration and tube of antibiotics fail in approximately 1 / 3 of patients, who then require surgical drainage.5,9 The median duration of a healthcare facility stay for these patients is 12 to 15 days,5,6,8,9 with 25 percent hospitalized for more than a month.