ARCA biopharma presents data from stage 3 BEST trial of Gencaro ARCA biopharma.

Additional secondary endpoints included: cardiovascular mortality ; mortality or cardiac transplantation ; heart failure hospitalization ; myocardial infarction ; change in dependence on co-therapy; standard of living ; still left ventricular ejection fraction . Efficacy analyses were based on Intention to Treat . Preliminary results from the BEST trial had been reported in 2001, following early termination of the analysis due to lack of investigator equipoise.However, at this true point, there are more concerns than solid proof on the potential effects of chemical or other environmental exposures, said Ward. We realize that contact with high levels of radiation and particular chemicals can cause breast cancer, based on laboratory and epidemiologic studies, but it’s very tough to detect the effects of low level, common exposures in the general population, especially if the critical time frame for such exposures is normally early in life. The Sister Study shall gather samples of blood, urine, toenails, and household dirt to measure many different bio-markers of environmental exposures. Explained Sandler, As we age group, we accumulate exposures. If those exposures damage breast tissue, [then] the even more times you problem that tissue, the more likely it can be to result in breast tumor.