ASI announces effective completion of $10 million round of financing Access Scientific.

POWERWAND patients, according to the study, rated their satisfaction extremely highly rather, at a 9.8 out of 10 satisfaction ranking. In addition to enhancing the inpatient experience, the new device might help reduce healthcare workers’ threat of an accidental, dangerous needlestick potentially. The POWERWAND may be the second WAND item introduced by Access Scientific, Inc. The first is The PICC WAND, written by both ASI and Teleflex Medical currently. The POWERWAND delivers a power-injectable, extended-dwell midline catheter; the PICC WAND delivers a Teleflex peelable sheath introducer for insertion of peripherally inserted central catheters.Aflac protects family members during uncertain occasions and ‘Soccer’ drives that point home in a manner that will resonate with consumers, Jeff Charney, Aflac senior vice president and chief advertising officer said. We combined the classic family activity – – the Saturday morning hours soccer game – – with the Aflac Duck’s unmatched make of humor, to effectively remind people that Aflac provides you under our wing. This is actually the 46th industrial starring the Aflac Duck and marks the 1st time Aflac has introduced eight tv ads in a single year. The organization spokesduck is certainly a well-known fundraiser for pediatric cancer-related causes and was called to the Advertising Walk of Fame in 2004. On January 1, 2010, the Aflac Duck will mark its 10th birthday as the company celebrates its 55th season serving American consumers..