ASN Base for Kidney Research provides $2.

Lee, MD, FASN, University of Alabama at Birmingham Ethan Marin, MD, PhD, Yale School of Medicine Brian B. Ratliff, PhD, NY Medical College Matthias Wolf, MD, University of Texas Southwestern John Merrill Grant in Transplantation Martin H. Oberbarnscheidt, MD, PhD, University of Pittsburgh The NephCure Foundation-ASN Foundation for Kidney Research Grant Heon Yung Gee, MD, PhD, Boston Children's Hospital The 2014 grant recipients can propel advances in individual care and outcomes through simple, translational and clinical research, Dr. Molitoris stated. ASN is usually delighted to aid this research and foster the professions of another generation of investigators who will advance care for kidney patients. .. ASN Base for Kidney Research provides $2.8 million to improve care for kidney patients The American Culture of Nephrology and the ASN Base for Kidney Analysis will fund $2.8 million in original, meritorious research in 2014 to boost care for the a lot more than 20 million Americans with kidney disease, and for kidney individuals worldwide.In the period of 7 to 12 weeks after delivery, there was a modest but significant increase in the amount of thrombotic events still, in comparison with the same period 1 year later , corresponding to a complete risk difference of 3.0 per 100,000 deliveries and an odds ratio of 2.2 . The risk was no longer elevated after 12 weeks, with an chances ratio of just one 1.4 for the time of 13 to 18 weeks after delivery and an odds ratio of 1 1.0 for the time of 19 to 24 weeks after delivery . In post hoc exploratory analyses, the thrombotic risk was increased over 13 to 15 weeks after delivery but was no longer elevated in the time of 16 to 18 weeks .