Aeterna Zentaris second-quarter revenues lower to $5.

Aeterna Zentaris second-quarter revenues lower to $5 .6 million All amounts are in U.S. Dollars Aeterna Zentaris Inc. , a late-stage drug development company specialized in oncology and endocrinology, today reported financial and operating results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2010. April 5 Second One fourth 2010 Highlights Pipeline advancement Perifosine -, 2010: Perifosine receives U.S. Food and Drug Administration Fast Monitor Designation for the Stage 3 X-PECT + Perifosine Evaluation in Colorectal cancer tumor Treatment) registration trial. April 8 -, 2010: Initiation of the registration Phase 3 X-PECT study with perifosine. April 15 -, 2010: Positive Scientific Advice from the European Medications Company for the Stage 3 plan with perifosine in multiple myeloma. Continue reading Aeterna Zentaris second-quarter revenues lower to $5.

An agency providing comprehensive autism solutions throughout Southern California.

AST includes a long history of working closely with parents to tailor applications that fit well in to the family’s home and routines. With this growth, AST is recruiting language and speech pathologists and occupational therapists, and is currently accepting employment applications on the employment opportunities web page on the AST site.. AST now offers programs and services to take care of kids with developmental disorders Autism Spectrum Therapies , an agency providing comprehensive autism solutions throughout Southern California, is expanding its solutions to add speech and language programs and occupational therapy, in addition to behavior therapy. Continue reading An agency providing comprehensive autism solutions throughout Southern California.

Both adult and teenage.

Also selenium can be put into these medications and be used internally for victims of acne with oily skin, blackheads and pustules. Traditional Acne Medications Traditional acne medicines are basically the over-the-counter and prescription pimples medications that are mentioned for having unfavorable unwanted effects. A good example of these is the usage of benzoyl peroxide. All the products mentioned above are good nonetheless it is good to get one of these few of them to know the ones that suit your skin layer conditions.. Acne Prevention And Medication Acne is probably the most chronic skin illnesses affecting the lives of millions of people of different walks of existence, both adult and teenage. So its medications and prevention are of paramount importance. Continue reading Both adult and teenage.

A Xerox Company.

ACS My Medicare Advocate assists retirees chart Medicare decision process Retirees will find it all easier than ever before to navigate the often confusing maze of Medicare enrollment with the introduction of My Medicare AdvocateTM by Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. , A Xerox Company . ‘With more than 2,200 maintained care plans and 1,800 prescription drug programs available to retirees, it’s no real surprise they are overwhelmed,’ said Jeff Clay, chief operating officer of My Medicare AdvocateTM at ACS. Continue reading A Xerox Company.

Predicated on an open source platform created by Krishagni Solutions.

With the knowledge that no two study institutions will be the same or possess the same requirements, the machine has been made with ultimate flexibility and customisation at heart. This permits users with only limited IT experience in order to perform features like adding custom areas or forms to tailor OpenSpecimen to your specific requirements. When more detailed customisation is required, the team at Krishagni offer a professional support services so you can be assured that you will get the very best results from OpenSpecimen. As the generation of data is the process that gets the spotlight generally, the ability to manage biological and libraries is essential to any clinical analysis operation. OpenSpecimen allows researchers to more efficiently concentrate their initiatives on their research with the knowledge that their specimens and data are being managed utilizing a robust yet user-friendly alternative providing the highest level of confidence within their results. Continue reading Predicated on an open source platform created by Krishagni Solutions.

Allergies may actually lower brain tumor risk By Helen Albert.

This is our most significant finding, said Schwartzbaum. The longer before glioma medical diagnosis that the result of allergies is present, the less most likely it is that the tumor is usually suppressing allergy symptoms. Seeing this association so long before tumor diagnosis suggests that antibodies or some aspect of allergy is reducing tumor risk. As well as the findings for total IgE, females who tested positive for allergen-specific IgE had a significant 54 percent reduced risk for glioma weighed against women who tested detrimental , although no significant association was seen in men. Continue reading Allergies may actually lower brain tumor risk By Helen Albert.

A biotechnology business that creates.

All patients will be followed carefully for protection and for the power of the vaccine to elicit protective immune responses in vaccinated participants. Patients will be compensated for their participation in the study. Only 10 to 12 persons will be selected to participate. Persons who believe they may qualify for the scholarly research should contact ARCA in or 404-876-2317. ARCA can be interested in identifying possible candidates who fit the enrollment criteria but have not however started anti-HIV drugs.. Continue reading A biotechnology business that creates.

It creates a complete lot of physical troubles.

Reason of you will feel safe and relax in that time. MIRACLE WORLD is the popular being pregnant therapy middle in Venice FL area. Our great service is the gestation treatment of woman. They must feel full comfort and relax within their challenging period. We are full interest in this matter. Also we provide various types of service such as facial, nail provider, massages and more.. Abide these Main Tips in Your Pregnancy THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE Spa Time of pregnancy is quite difficult period for every woman. It creates a complete lot of physical troubles, discomforts and worries. This problem keeps growing day to day since there is no right time to care for you. For this reason, pregnancy massage keeps growing in these full days. Continue reading It creates a complete lot of physical troubles.

To stay hale and hearty for very long time.

You can also add some salad dressing and spices, to provide it a good refreshing flavor. You can pack salad also for lunch and it’s rather a great late night snack also, on times when you stay past due at night awake. Some people think that salad is simply not meant for food lovers. In case, you also then think in this manner, let me tell you that few types of salads are an absolute treat, and they could be prepared by you within the comforts of your home. You can buy ingredients like aged balsamic vinegar, to provide a twist to your regular salad. Continue reading To stay hale and hearty for very long time.

AbbVie and Myriad Genetics expand Tumor BRACAnalysis CDx collaboration Myriad Genetics.

Second-quarter outcomes included an altered gross margin ratio of 63.3 %, an increase of 310 basis points over 2011, driven by improved efficiencies across a number of operating divisions, favorable item mix and the effect of forex. The gross margin ratio under GAAP was 62.9 %. Abbott is usually confirming its ongoing earnings-per-share guidance for 2012 of $5.00 to $5.10, reflecting another full year of expected strong overall performance. Including specified products, projected earnings per share under GAAP would be $4.29 to $4.39 for the full-year 2012. ‘Abbott proceeds to deliver strong results as we remain on track to separate into two leading health care companies,’ said Miles D. White, chairman and chief executive officer, Abbott. ‘Through the second quarter, we advanced and launched numerous projects in our promising, broad-based pipeline and accomplished crucial milestones in the separation process.’ About Abbott Abbott is definitely a global, broad-based healthcare company devoted to the discovery, development, marketing and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medical products, including nutritionals, diagnostics and devices. Continue reading AbbVie and Myriad Genetics expand Tumor BRACAnalysis CDx collaboration Myriad Genetics.

Smoking Linked to Greater Risk intended for Type 2 Diabetes: FRIDAY.

The scholarly study was only made to find an association, and not a cause-and-effect relationship. The new analysis included 88 previous studies involving nearly 6 million people. The studies particularly examined the consequences of smoking on the risk for type 2 diabetes. Weighed against never smoking, current smoking increased the chance for the condition by 37 %, according to the report published Sept. 18 in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. Former smokers had been also at 14 % higher risk for type 2 diabetes than those that never smoked, and folks subjected to secondhand smoke on a regular basis had a 22 % higher risk for the bloodstream sugar disease, the results showed. But the investigators also discovered that smokers who quit reduced their risk for type 2 diabetes. The elevated risk was up to 57 % before stopping, 54 % within five years of giving up and 18 % after five years of quitting. Continue reading Smoking Linked to Greater Risk intended for Type 2 Diabetes: FRIDAY.

Tune Up Your Immune System for Cool and Flu Season Its almost frosty and flu season again.

Clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of schisandra in working with psychiatric disorders such as for example neurosis, major depression, schizophrenia, and alcolism. It is effective against influenza, chronic sinusitis, otitis, pneumonia, allergic dermatitis, and stomach and duodenal ulcers. It has been used in wound recovery successfully. How to make use of schisandra For use as a general tonic in China, patients should chew dried schisandra berries for 100 times daily. Daily doses of schisandra products range from 1 to 6 grams. Schisandra is generally consumed by means of an infusion. Schisandra can be put into tea decoctions and other herbal simmered brews. Continue reading Tune Up Your Immune System for Cool and Flu Season Its almost frosty and flu season again.

Abortion doctors charged with murder in Md.

Brigham and Riley each face a single count of conspiracy to commit first-level murder also.. Abortion doctors charged with murder in Md. ELKTON, Md. — Two doctors accused of performing late-term abortions in Maryland, including one in which a female was critically injured, have been arrested and charged with murder. Dr. Steven Brigham, of Voorhees, N.J., wednesday night in NJ and was being held in the Camden County Jail on Thursday was arrested, police told The Cecil Whig newspaper. Continue reading Abortion doctors charged with murder in Md.

Gov blog highlights themes from mHealth Summit The AIDS.

As the condition progresses, the muscle tissues around the joint waste aside, the cartilage in the joint and the bone underneath become eroded and finally the whole joint is filled with fibrous scar tissue and totally freezes and other parts of the body like the skin, eyes, lung area, heart, blood and kidneys may also be affected. Rheumatoid arthritis affects about one per cent of the populace and is more prevalent in women; it generally appears in females between 25-45 years of age and frequently runs in families – it can strike suddenly, but can be more likely to start – it can get into remission gradually, never to reappear again in a few full cases – but as a rule it flares up repeatedly. Continue reading Gov blog highlights themes from mHealth Summit The AIDS.

Research administrators.

Harnessing Agility’s unique ability to deliver high-quality beam-shaping over a big 40cm x 40cm field, the medical center has used this fresh technology to treat all indications virtually, including stereotactic lung cases and other advanced IMRT therapies. ‘Our main curiosity was in limiting downtime, since we are operating only three linacs and could hardly compensate for just one linac being down for a long period of period,’ Dr. Kopp says. ‘Two weeks seemed incredibly ambitious to accomplish a complete swap out of the MLC heads also to perform the measurements.’ Agility premiered for sale recently, allowing medical centers across European countries and other areas to look at the technology because of their patients with cancers. Agility MLC emerges in brand-new systems or as an upgrade to existing treatment systems.

The News Journal reports.

The special discounts would grow to 30 % under the proposed overhaul with the Carper-Ensign amendment, and perhaps to as much as 50 % . This article is usually republished with kind permission from our friends at The Kaiser Family Foundation. You will see the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy Survey, search the archives, or sign up for email delivery of in-depth coverage of wellness policy developments, debates and discussions. The Daily Health Plan Report is released for, a free of charge assistance of The Henry J. Continue reading The News Journal reports.

Active Biotech.

Active Biotech, Teva remain focused on NERVENTRA clinical development program for multiple sclerosis Teva Pharmaceutical Sectors Ltd. Relative to European regulations, Active and Teva Biotech intend to request a re-evaluation of the CHMP opinion. Teva and Energetic Biotech are focusing on analyzing the CHMP's review and will continue to liaise closely with the EMA in working to make NERVENTRA available seeing that a fresh treatment option for patients with RRMS in Europe. Continue reading Active Biotech.