Choong-Wan Woo.

Finally, lab tests of forced-choice discrimination throughout painful temperatures showed very good performance, and tests across nonpainful temperatures showed poor performance, supporting the use of the signature to assess nociceptive responses. Sensitivity and specificity had been 90 percent for a temp of 49. However, performance dropped to near-chance amounts when low temperature ranges were used . Specificity of Neurologic Signature for Physical Discomfort In study 3, comparisons of rejecter versus pain and friend versus warmth yielded similar degrees of self-reported negative affect, and overlapping portions of several regions related to discomfort intensity were activated, like the bilateral anterior insula, medial thalamus, secondary somatosensory cortex, and dorsal posterior insula.6 These findings provided a good basis for a test of specificity.Aetna partners with Fresenius Medical Care to improve lives of individuals with end stage renal disease Fresenius Medical Care and Aetna announced today a collaborative treatment model designed to improve the quality of care for Aetna's Medicare Advantage members who’ve end stage renal disease, while lowering healthcare costs. Fresenius HEALTH CARE North America's nationally-recognized care administration plan is accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance, and creates a fresh approach for the entire delivery of caution focused squarely on the unique needs of dialysis patients.