Due to the significant lack of understanding regarding autism in the national country.

We support their efforts and will promote their programs to your South African associates and help out with elevating their needs to those outside of the country. We are grateful to the Autism Support Network for its efforts in expanding autism consciousness and support of our national programs, stated Jill Stacey, National Director of Autism South Africa. Our challenges in building consciousness for autism in South Africa continue to be significant. Through cooperative partners like ASN, our hope is that our goals can be realized more quickly and that our efforts can be increased as the global community sees and understands our needs.The other substances classified as neurotoxic food additives produce quite similar outcomes. Natural flavors are isolates from occurring products just like MSG naturally. Many natural basic products including organic fruit and veggies contain substances that in isolation are extremely harmful. Some of these compounds are what constitute the defense system of the plants. When the complete plant, vegetable or fruit is consumed as meals, other compounds can be found that neutralize their dangerous effects. When taken from the plant as isolates, the compounds become no different in their effects than those created in a laboratory. The expressed word spice is another innocuous sounding germ, however in the global world of food marketing, it is a word that is manipulated to sound harmless when it certainly isn’t.