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ACAMP hosts health insurance and medical seminar Alberta Centre for Advanced Micro Nano Technology Products hosts wellness & medical seminar Today ACAMP hosted a health & medical seminar, explaining how technologies like nanotechnology, biomaterials and microfluidics may play a powerful role in the creation of innovative health care products that help promote health and improve the quality, outcomes and cost of patient care, while opening new markets for Alberta businesses worldwide. Nanotechnology is normally a system for innovation in wellness, and many other industries, and ACAMP offers both specialized and business solutions to go those innovations into the market place, stated Doug Horner, Minister of Alberta Advanced Education and Technology.‘Furthermore to Humira being approved for psoriatic arthritis, the approval for first-line use in RA opens the hinged door for patients with severe, energetic and progressive RA to really have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Humira earlier in the treatment stage,’ stated Alejandro Aruffo, Ph.D., vice president, Global Pharmaceutical Development and Abbott Bioresearch Middle, Abbott. ‘That is important as the earlier we can deal with RA with Humira, the better the probabilities for slowing the progression of the disease.’ The authorization for psoriatic arthritis marks the next indication for Humira, while the early RA approval establishes Humira as a first-line treatment for severe, active and progressive RA in adults not treated with methotrexate previously.