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Aduromed Industries files patent application for containerized medical waste treatment system Aduromed Industries, Inc. Has announced that it filed a U successfully.S. Patent on November 24, 2008 to guard the Company’s proprietary technology for its new standard, containerized MedClean Systems offering a turnkey solution for regulated medical waste sterilization and volume decrease onsite. The patent program, entitled Containerized Medical Waste materials Treatment System and Related Method, targets the design and construction of Aduromed’s new regular, containerized MedClean Systems.* Viewing a ring impact around the lamps or a flare if you are looking into the headlights or sunshine. * When it becomes quite difficult to see at night. * Instances of viewing multiple images or double vision in one eye. * When you need changing your directed glasses constantly. How are cataracts treated? If the cataracts are soft or at their initial stage, it is possible to improve eyesight: * By using a set of new eyeglasses which guarantees luminous lightning at your work area or home. * By using anti-glare sunglasses. * By using enlarging glasses at the time of reading. But if these solutions bring you no fruit, a medical procedures is recommended by your physician for the treatment of your cataract.