Improve quality of life and offer a placebo-like protection profile.

It was designed to provide detailed info on the basic safety and therapeutic efficacy of different doses of Alpharadin in HRPC sufferers, both symptomatic and asymptomatic for bone metastases, as well as evaluating its ability to relieve pain caused by bone metastases in symptomatic sufferers. In all three stage II trials finished, the principal efficacy endpoints were met while providing compelling evidence of the benign, placebo-like security profile of Alpharadin. In addition, data from the BC1-04 research support an optimum therapeutic dose degree of 50 kBq/kg as chosen for make use of in the global phase III ALSYMPCA trial .All sufferers provided oral and written informed consent. Study Design This trial was a randomized, open-label, multicenter study comparing 14-day cycles of cetuximab plus FOLFIRI and FOLFIRI alone. We randomly assigned patients to one of the two treatment groups using a stratified permuted-block method, with ECOG performance status and area as stratification factors. The principal end point was progression-free survival time, thought as enough time from randomization to disease progression or loss of life from any cause within 60 days after the last tumor assessment or after randomization.