M releases Advisor Equipment 2.

Benergy is used by nearly 6 currently, 000 companies who would like to and effectively communicate with their employees efficiently. Advisor Tools 2.0 is a complete SaaS-based solution for agents to communicate critical benefits and work related information to their clients. The product contains a comprehensive library of the most recent recruiting regulations, HIPAA privacy recommendations, business building and modeling tools. With A Together.D.A.M.D.A.M.. A.D.A.M releases Advisor Equipment 2.0 application suite for brokers The Employer and Broker Solutions Group of A.D.A.M., Inc.0, A.D.A.M. Advisor Tools 2.0 helps A.D.A.M. An essential component of the product is valuable state-by-state worker benefits plan price data from a large number of actual employers across the country.D.A.M.D.A.M.0 application, we help employers and brokers make good decisions based on real, relevant, and timely data.The John and Emma Bonica Public Provider Award will pay tribute to the couple because of their leadership in the pain-treatment motion. It recognizes contributions by a person or organization through public education, public program or other vehicles to communicate information about discomfort. The 2012 recipient is normally Ann O’Mara, PhD, head of palliative research in the Division of Malignancy Avoidance at the National Malignancy Institute . Dr. O’Mara manages a portfolio of symptom palliative and management and end-of-life care research projects, and she has conducted analysis on end-of-life treatment and educating physicians and nurses about palliative treatment. Her publications have focused primarily on quality-of-life issues facing patients with cancers and their families.