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Based on these indications, the FDA suggests that conscious individuals chew 160 to 162.5 mg of aspirin at the onset of heart attack symptoms. However, aspirin by itself won’t treat a coronary attack and emergency medical assistance is necessary to lessen damage caused by a heart attack also to potentially save lives. Based on the study commissioned by McNeil Customer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals, 84 % of the National Association of Crisis Medical Specialists say it is standard protocol to provide aspirin to a mindful patient during a suspected heart attack; however, no more than one-third of those surveyed know that the FDA offers guidelines on the utilization and appropriate dosage of aspirin for individuals suffering a suspected coronary attack.During the past, the editor and editorial plank of a journal knew both scientific field it protected and the people working in it, but it’s extremely difficult to be sufficiently well connected when both editors and submissions result from across the world. Having authors suggest the very best reviewers may seem such as a good idea therefore. In the aftermath of the latest scandals involving fake peer reviewers, many journals are determined to turn off the reviewer-suggestion option on the manuscript-submission systems. But that move might not be enough, as the publisher Hindawi uncovered this past springtime. Although Hindawi doesn’t allow authors recommend reviewers for his or her manuscripts, it made a decision to examine the peer-review records for manuscripts submitted in 2013 and 2014 for possible fraud.