Patrick Marcellin.

If the P value for the comparison was less than 0. A similar step-down approach was prespecified to control for the type I error concerning the key secondary objective. To account for multiplicity between your primary and essential secondary analyses, the main element secondary analyses were conducted only when the significance of the principal comparisons was established. P ideals calculated for sustained virologic response are provided for only the two prespecified primary and key secondary comparisons. Summary statistics are reported for every of the three treatment regimens for subgroups of individuals described according to prespecified baseline features.More than a one fourth of gout patients report being bedridden and taking time off of work during an strike, and 73 % admit to limited exercise during these times. Nearly half of those surveyed experienced to cancel social plans and one-fifth have canceled vacation plans or decided not to travel as a result of their condition. Unaided, only half of gout sufferers correctly attribute their condition to an elevated level or accumulation of the crystals. Patients report an assortment of emotions caused by the pain of an strike, including tension , anger , depressive disorder , embarrassment and feeling overwhelmed . Men are more likely to claim that they would participate in more sports and workout if they didn’t have gout.