Rosato will end up being stepping down as chairman of the AMCP Foundation also. AMCP President Raulo S. Frear, PharmD, thanked Rosato for her service. On behalf of the AMCP Board of Directors, I would like to thank Edith for her strong leadership of the Academy, said Frear. Edith provides made a tremendous effect on the operations, growth and future direction of the Academy of Managed Treatment Pharmacy throughout a pivotal period in our nation’s healthcare environment. Her leadership has been critical to your continuing achievement in progressing towards an envisioned long term where managed care pharmacy is broadly understood and approved as essential to the delivery of quality and affordable health care.Subsequent Therapy Among the 821 sufferers who underwent randomization, 227 of the 410 patients in the nivolumab group and 260 of the 411 patients in the everolimus group received subsequent systemic therapy. The most common therapeutic agents used after treatment with nivolumab had been everolimus , axitinib , and pazopanib ; the most common agents used after treatment with everolimus had been axitinib , pazopanib , and sorafenib .