Nishida is associate vice president of consulting company Solid Benefit Assistance. She was elected for a second term on the Panel, and has served on several AMCP committees, like the Educational Affairs Committee and the scheduled program Planning & Development Committee. Director Cynthia Pigg, BSPharm, MHA, FAMCP, of Richmond, Va. Pigg is certainly vice president of pharmacy at Gateway Wellness. She has served in a variety of Academy leadership rolls, including as 2001-2002 AMCP President and as Executive Director of the building blocks for Managed Treatment Pharmacy from 2005 to 2010.The CLASS provisions were crafted to make sure affordability carefully, accessibility and fiscal solvency. Participation will be voluntary and the premiums shall cover the costs, not putting any drain on the federal budget. The result will be a program that supports America’s households and has the prospect of significant Medicaid savings. We desire the Senate to join the House and maintain provisions in medical reform bill that may make it affordable to care for families and caregivers. And supporters of the National government championed its pro-individual provisions in the true face of criticism from the health industry.