The plan also encourages the AMA to aid medical student acquisition of hands-on encounter in documenting patient encounters and entering clinical orders into patients' EHRs, with appropriate supervision. Within theAMA's Accelerating Modification in Medical Education initiativeaimed at reshaping medical education in the U.S., AMA work currently is underway along with a consortium of 11 leading medical institutions to develop innovative versions that incorporate EHR schooling into undergraduate medical education.If verified, the increase is concerning, because young age group itself is an independent adverse prognostic aspect for breast cancers, and the lowest 5-year breast malignancy survival prices as a function of age have been reported for 20 – to 34-year-old females. The most recent national 5-yr survival for distant disease for 25 – to 39-year-old ladies is only 31 % according to SEER data, weighed against a 5-yr survival rate of 87 % for women with locoregional breast tumor, the authors write.. Actavis plc announced that it has launched a generic edition of Intuniv®, within funds agreement withShire plc.Actavishas begun shipping the product and, under applicable Hatch Waxman rules, is entitled to 180 days of advertising exclusivity. Logo – Intuniv®is normally a prescription drugs used to treat Interest Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in patients ages 6 to 17.