Researchers in Holland.

$1 million of mesothelioma research funding The Mesothelioma Applied Study Base has announced awards of almost $1 million in additional research funding aimed at curing mesothelioma more . An international and cross disciplinary set of nine new tasks will go forward thanks to grants from MARF of $100,000 each. Researchers in Holland, Australia and the United States combined their initiatives to field a wide spectrum of investigative efforts that are certain to advance the pace and scope of research success from this deadly cancer.

The Partnership at leads The Medication Abuse Project, a multi-season initiative with the purpose of preventing half a million teens from abusing prescription medicine by 2017. The Medicine Abuse Project provides comprehensive resources to parents, educators, healthcare providers, law enforcement others and officials about the growing issue of teen medicine abuse. The Project aims to mobilize parents and the public at large to take action and help solve the problem of teen substance misuse. This includes learning about the presssing issue, talking with their children about the hazards of abuse and misuse of prescription medications and properly monitoring, safeguarding and losing excess Rx drugs within their homes.