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Professor Ye said: ‘Latest studies have identified numerous genetic areas that are associated with coronary heart disease. However, to translate these results into new therapeutics that could benefit patients, we need to know how these genetic variants are influencing the disease.’ In this study the scientists focused on a genetic region associated with coronary heart disease which included the ADAMTS7 gene. This gene governs the creation of an enzyme, also called ADAMTS7, which reduces a structural protein called thrombospondin-5 in the arterial wall structure.Drug and Food Administration in 2002, has come under scrutiny. In September, an FDA panel reviewed the safety of these devices after receiving complaints of complications from users. Abdominal pain was the side effect frequently reported by females to the FDA, accompanied by heavier menstrual periods. The panel stated that while complications have been reported, they haven’t increased because the approval of these devices. However, the company said it plans to keep to monitor the security of Essure. The new study targets the necessity for new surgical treatments tied to use of Essure. Study co-author Dr. Art Sedrakyan, a professor of Healthcare Policy and Research at Weill Cornell Medical University and New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, estimated that more than 10,000 U.S.