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Welcome To The Southern Sudanese Page
of Sudanese Mission Lutheran Church
Des Moines, Iowa


Simon YiechTrinity's ministry to refugees from South Sudan began in the summer of 1992. At that time several young men from south Sudan were resettled in the Des Moines area through the efforts of LIRS (Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services).

Near the end of 1993 and through 1994 almost 800 Sudanese refugees arrived in Des Moines. Most of these were directly from Africa, but many also relocated to Des Moines from other parts of the country to live near relatives. More than half of these refugees were helped in their resettlement by members of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Most Sudanese people feel very comfortable worshipping at Trinity Lutheran Church and hundreds have become members. The Sudanese people have a service each Sunday morning at 11:30 in their language (Nuer). There have been over 20  Sudanese missions started in The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod from Trinity in the United States.

Simon Bilim Yiech
Southern Sudanese Pastor
Sudanese Mission Lutheran Church
Des Moines, Iowa

Rebecca, Simon
Nyajuok, Nyador, Rachael Tethloach, Gachbaach, Nyamal, Roda

I am a member of the Nuer tribe, the fifth child in my family, born June 25, 1968 in South Sudan. My family fled to Ethiopia in 1983 because of the Civil War in Sudan and I was fortunate to graduate from Gambela High School

I was married in 1989 to Rebecca Nya Lam Lam, and God gave us two daughters while still in Ethiopia. My family left Ethiopia in 1992, and transferred to a refugee camp in Kenya. I was able to find work in the camp as a janitor. We were later accepted for United States resettlement program.

My family arrived in Des Moines on November 29, 1993. We were met at the airport by members of Trinity Lutheran Church. Later I took adult confirmation classes at Trinity, and studied the Old Testament. I learned what it means to be a Lutheran and it was very refreshing and comforting for me. My family later became members. My third daughter was born a US citizen in 1995. Between 1993 and 1994 almost 400 Nuer refugees arrived in Des Moines and were attending services at Trinity. In 1994 our members began having Worship Services in the Nuer language.

Trinity's first Nuer layworker left Des Moines to attend Concordia College in St. Paul, Minnesota, to study for the Pastoral Ministry. I was installed as the Sudanese Lay Worker for Trinity on February 9, 1997. 


Nuer Worship Service at Trinity

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