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Adults find out best when education can be individualized, tailored with their problem and wants based–which in active medical practice means patient-centered. AGA embraces a perfect pathway of constant professional development within these paradigms instead of the current recertification process. G-APP originated by an AGA task force on MOC billed with defining a recertification process predicated on educational theory and made to meet up with the needs of doctors struggling to meet the demand brought about by monumental changes in health care.Does it discolor the plastic material or will it harm the surface of the metal? Simultaneously, Armellino said the threat posed by contaminated areas is not as dire as that posed by unwashed hands or unclean medical instruments. I would be more concerned with those items that penetrate or come into contact with the mucous membrane, rather than items that come into contact with intact skin, she said. Patti Costello, executive director of the Association for the Healthcare Environment, objected to the study’s methodology.