The brand new particles.

A silk coat for diamonds makes sleek new drug and imaging delivery tool Silk and diamonds aren’t simply for ties and jewelry anymore . They’re ingredients for a new sort of small glowing particle that could provide doctors and researchers with a novel technique for biological imaging and medication delivery. The brand new particles, tens of nanometers across just, are made of diamond and protected in silk. They could be injected into living cells, and because they glow when illuminated with particular kinds of light, biologists may use them to peer inside cells and untangle the molecular circuitry that governs cellular behavior, or to study how cells react to a new medication.

A snooze button for the circadian clock We may use the snooze button to fine-tune our rest cycles, but our cells have an even more refined and meticulous system. Humans, and most other organisms, possess 24-hour rhythms that are regulated by a precise molecular clock that ticks inside every cell. After years of study, researchers are still identifying all of the gears involved with running this ‘circadian’ time clock and are working to put each of the molecular cogs in its place. A fresh study by Rockefeller University researchers now displays how two of the main element molecules interact to modify the clock’s routine and uncovers how that switch can go haywire, determining one potential reason behind heritable sleep disorders.