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‘Simply say, ‘I’ll simply listen,’ and be there for them and just instruction them through it.’ Sonia Chevannes, 58, was diagnosed in 2012 with stage two breast tumor. A single mom with two teenage sons, she had to undergo treatment alone while continuing to function to aid her family. She devotes her Thursdays to being truly a BOLD volunteer Now. Chevannes became a BOLD buddy to Jean Williams, a 40-year-old solitary mother of three kids who was diagnosed with stage one breast cancers. Williams, who worked regular through her tumor treatment, had a hard time with chemo and radiation and struggled to spend her rent each whole month.The Constitutional Peace and Sheriffs Officers Association can be compiling a listing of sheriffs, associations, and law enforcement chiefs who’ve vowed to uphold the next Amendment in the wake of any unconstitutional action by President Obama. In January, 28 of Utah’s 29 sheriffs signed a letter to Obama stating, ‘We respect the office of the President of the United States. But make no mistake, as the duly elected sheriffs of our particular counties; we will enforce the rights guaranteed to our citizens by the Constitution. No federal officials will end up being permitted to descend upon our constituents and consider from them what the Bill of Rights – in particular Amendment II – has given them.