The business also announced promising nonclinical outcomes in Multiple Myeloma.

Campas added, The drug has essential synergic effects with various other chemotherapy brokers including bortezomib in multiple myeloma and anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodies in mantle cell lymphoma. The advantage of Acadra and anti-CD20 antibodies as combination agents is that both are B-cell directed and independent of p53. The results of the Stage I/II study comes with an acceptable security and tolerability profile in dosages which induce decrease in the leukemic tumor burden. The analysis patient population included 24 sufferers with relapsed or refractory CLL who experienced received at least one prior type of treatment including either a fludarabine or an alkylator-based routine. Seven out of the nine patients treated with Acadra at the Optimal Biological Dosage presented a decrease in complete B cell count, a reduced amount of clinically palpable lymphadenopathies or both.I would like to thank our dedicated team that is helping to transform our business each day and executing against our long-term strategic initiatives. We expect to increasingly reap the benefits of our performance driven culture, as we continue steadily to focus on determining both operational efficiencies and revenue expansion opportunities. In fact, we could actually achieve a 6th consecutive quarter of adjusted EBITDA growth, which really is a testament to our commitment to managing the business enterprise efficiently in a quickly evolving marketplace, stated Tom Tomlinson, Chief Executive President and Officer.