The online survey conducted among 814 Washington.

80 % residents alert to family building options: RESOLVE survey According to a recent survey conducted by Solve: The National Infertility Association , Washington, D nizagara 100 review .C. The online survey conducted among 814 Washington, D.C. Metro-area residents showed: At least 80 % of Washington, D.C. Metro-area residents are aware of family building options such as for example IVF adoption and treatment; 72 % have heard of surrogacy; Just 40 % are aware of embryo donation; Of these respondents who are familiar with embryo donation, only eight % have unfavorable perceptions of embryo donation. Related StoriesARC Telehealth System allows fertility individuals connect with medical professionals through mobile devicesSame-sex lovers encounter more obstacles to infertility treatment in comparison to opposite-sex couplesStudy explores performance of frontline treatments for lovers with unexplained infertilityThe paid survey gauged knowing of embryo donation in advance of embryo donation awareness workshops hosted by RESOLVE on Saturday, September 12, 2009, in the Washington, D.C.

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