The professional organization for pediatric eye care.

AAPOS committee revises recommendations for automated preschool eyesight screening The Vision Screening Committee of the American Association for Pediatric Strabismus and Ophthalmology, the professional organization for pediatric eye care, has revised its guidelines for automated preschool vision screening based on new evidence. In the February problem of the Journal of AAPOS The new guidelines are published. Approximately 2 percent of children develop amblyopia, sometimes known as ‘lazy attention’ – a loss of vision in one or both eyes caused by conditions that impair the standard visual input over development of eyesight . Amblyopia remains treatable until 60 a few months, with treatment becoming less effective after age 5.

Joseph devoted his profession to helping those suffering from diabetes, a medical condition he has resided with since age group 12, better manage their illness. In his function, he is rolling out programs to help people coping with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in rural areas access the care they need to prevent debilitating problems. Diabetes is definitely a life-altering disease that, for many, can lead to serious, even life-threatening, complications. Yet, many of these complications could be prevented if patients have access to appropriate education and treatment about their disease, stated Joseph. I am honored that AAPA has chosen to recognize my work, that involves me leading by example often, teaching my sufferers the approaches and remedies I’ve used to remain healthy since I was youthful.