The relation between brain surface area and cortical volume particularly.

David Edwards and colleagues from Imperial University London utilized Magnetic Resonance Imaging to measure human brain development from 23 to 48 wk of gestation in 113 incredibly premature infants born between 22 and 29 weeks of gestation. 63 of the children were then assessed to see how they were developing mentally at around 2 years old. The researchers discovered that the mind surface area grew faster than the brain volume but that the slower the rate of development of surface area relative to volume the more likely there is to be delayed advancement.Dr Paul Very long, Reader in Pharmacognosy at King’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, said: ‘While MAA’s possess several other potential applications, individual sunscreen is certainly a good place to start proving the compound’s features. If our further research confirm the outcomes we are expecting, we hope that people can develop a sunscreen with the broadest spectral range of protection. Aethic gets the best product and philosophy with which to proceed this interesting project.’ Allard Marx, CEO of Aethic, added: ‘With the recent launch of S-v-e we believe that we already are leading the industry.