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– Long-Term Care hospitals: Not count the evacuated patients in determining compliance with the 25 days average length of stay request; – Inpatient rehabilitation Facilities: Not to count the evacuated patients in determining compliance with the 60 – % rule requirement . The 60 – % rule requires that at least 60 % of the system of the patient population fall into certain clinical conditions. CMS will expand the definition of at home so that these Medicare beneficiaries who receive home health services, these services to get into alternative sites.

About PEAK Surgical,PEAK Surgical, is a medical device company, the PEAK Surgery System, a new tissue dissection system has developed a proprietary an evolutionary an evolutionary leap in the development of radio frequency surgical technologies. The PEAK Surgery System consists of the PEAK Plasma Blade , a family of disposable cutting tools, of the study show to the strict control of a scalpel and the bleeding control of traditional electrosurgery without extensive collateral damage, and the PULSAR generator, which supplies radio frequency energy to the pulsed plasma plasma blade. The PEAK Surgery System is approved for use in general surgery in the United States. The Company is reviewing the applicability of this technology in additional surgical fields, including cardiothoracic, gynecologic, plastic and reconstructive surgery and neurosurgery. For more information, please visit.

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