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You can also add some salad dressing and spices, to provide it a good refreshing flavor. You can pack salad also for lunch and it’s rather a great late night snack also, on times when you stay past due at night awake. Some people think that salad is simply not meant for food lovers. In case, you also then think in this manner, let me tell you that few types of salads are an absolute treat, and they could be prepared by you within the comforts of your home. You can buy ingredients like aged balsamic vinegar, to provide a twist to your regular salad.It’s been proposed that genomic instability can be divided into two types: microsatellite instability and chromosomal instability .2 Microsatellite instability is a hallmark of colorectal cancers occurring in sufferers with the Lynch syndrome3; these cancers usually do not show considerable karyotypic abnormalities and are often diploid or almost diploid.4 By contrast, tumors with chromosomal instability are aneuploid but do not show instability at the nucleotide level often. 2 Most colorectal cancers possess a phenotype of chromosomal instability than microsatellite instability rather. Chromosomal instability is thought as the accelerated mis-segregation of whole chromosomes in aneuploid cells. The essential idea that chromosomal instability may be an important, if not obligatory, step in carcinogenesis has been highly supported by medical observations of individuals with a very uncommon childhood syndrome of autosomal recessive cancer tumor susceptibility referred to as the mosaic variegated aneuploidy syndrome .5,6 Although aneuploidy itself isn’t linked directly to chromosomal instability, in the mosaic variegated syndrome aneuploidy, chromosomal instability happens in at least two cell types.