Trinity Lutheran Church Values Statement


(During Trinity’s pastoral vacancy, a congregational reflection and examination of our values occurred. This following is a statement of those values.)

Logo of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Trinity Lutheran Church, a congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, has been blessed with over 100 years of God’s Grace in Des Moines, Iowa.
I. Trinity proclaims that Grace to all people through our worship of Him in Word and Sacrament. a. In Trinity’s worship of God, we preach and teach His Word in its truth and purity as contained in the Holy Scriptures. We administer the Sacraments in accord with God’s Biblical institution of Word and Elements. We respect the correct division of Law and Gospel. b. Trinity follows the Liturgical worship, in its various forms as they have come to our time through 2000 years of the Church catholic, and as suggested by our Synodical Commission on Worship. c. Trinity emphasizes the use of music in our worship of God. In our primary corporate worship, we value music which is liturgical, confessional and orthodox. II. Trinity is called through that Grace to fulfill the work of the Great Commission. a. Trinity is a congregation reaching out to the many communities in which its members live, work, study, and play, and indeed to the many communities of the world. b. Trinity reaches out to college students and encourages them to be active in our parish life. c. Trinity reaches out to multi-cultural and multi-ethnic communities and welcome them to our family. d. Trinity believes strongly in Christian education of all members, that we may grow spiritually and in sanctification. Through this education, we strengthen our family, prepare Godly leaders, and go forward in optimism for continued growth in the knowledge of God. III. Trinity is a congregation whose members, through that Grace have been blessed with an abundance of God’s gifts of time, talents, and treasures. a. Trinity values a Christ-centered response in our use of those Gifts. b. We willingly return our gifts in Love because God first gave to us the greatest gift of all.