WHO official said on Tuesday.

Web sites Official Says Agency fought ‘ Right Tempo ‘for releasing H1N1 information seeThe rapid dissemination of information on the Internet ‘had a disruptive effect on the handling of the pandemic by fanning speculation and rumors, ‘WHO official said on Tuesday, on the second day of a three-day meeting of outside experts to the assessment of the WHO of H1N1 , the handling is, Agence France-Presse reported commissioned.

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The article shows ways misinformation about H1N1 was communicated over the Internet and comments by the jury member and a former wHO infectious diseases chief on the challenges related to the communication about the pandemic connected exactly ..By nearly 100 % of Pet exposed to the virus is infect and some 80 % of the infected dogs with symptoms of, the flu could to spread across the country. It was originally document in hounds in distances and kennels but now is infected all breeds of dogs. Ongoing tests will be do to monitor the spread of the virus to different parts of the country.

Nevertheless, paper warns that the newly discovered virus needs be closely monitored.

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