Will present during the American Society on Maturing s Maturing in America.

Ageing in the us will be kept from March 28 to April 1 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C.. ASI to provide innovative technology solutions at ASA’s Aging in America conference Anthurium Solutions, Inc. , a technology and solutions company giving turnkey and custom made in-the-cloud solutions that enable fresh health care delivery models, will present during the American Society on Maturing ‘s Maturing in America, the biggest multidisciplinary aging meeting in the country. On Saturday During sessions, March 31, Anthurium’s CEO Tim Simard and VP Meredith Benedict will group with leading industry experts to provide insight in to the aging workforce and discuss innovative technology solutions.This is actually the second consecutive yr for them to win the honor. Tzong-Yueh Chen and worked out by a united team comprising a PhD pupil, Ms Yi-An Chen, along with four master students, Ms Wan-Erh Chen, Ms Wei-Chen Wang, Ms Yi-Ling Huang and Mr. Ching-Yu Lin. In this project they mainly used their idea using vaccine to achieve a non-transgenic method of practical removal. As myostatin can deter muscle development, they stimulated groupers to produce antibody by themselves against their myostatin by immunoassay to reduce the MSTN concentrations in their bodies so as to promote their development. As a result, growth rate of groupers increase by around 30 percent, and also the required feed to groupers has been duly reduced by 15 percent. Hence, it does not only decrease the cost and time threat of culturing groupers, but also avoids the risks in get away of transgenic species to crazy.