Young Hoon Kim.

Kyuseok Kim, M.D ., Young Hoon Kim, M.D., So Yeon Kim, M.D., Suyoung Kim, R.N., Yoon Jin Lee, M.D., Kwang Pyo Kim, Ph.D., Hye Seung Lee, M.D., Soyeon Ahn, Ph.D., Taeyun Kim, M.D., Seung-sik Hwang, M.D., Ki Jun Music, Ph.D., Sung-Bum Kang, M.D., Duck-Woo Kim, M.D., Seong Ho Park, M.D., and Kyoung Ho Lee, M.D.: Low-Dosage Abdominal CT for Evaluating Suspected Appendicitis Owing to the countless advantages that computed tomography has over various other diagnostic tests, including ultrasonography,1-3 CT has assumed a paramount position in the evaluation of adults with suspected appendicitis.5-10 The routine use of CT in patients suspected of having appendicitis has also been reported to be cost-effective, since it prevents inaccurate or delayed diagnoses.11 Many patients in whom appendicitis is definitely suspected are children or young adults,12 and radiation exposure from CT is of particular concern in this population.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer even continued the atmosphere and announced everybody should Sell everything! His prediction? A twenty % drop over the markets. Keep a close view on this situation. They are strange times. Nobody knows exactly what will happen next. Protect your assets, because it has become quite clear now that your government does virtually nothing useful to protect them for you personally.. $850 Billion Bailout Does not Ease Global FINANCIAL MELTDOWN Today the world was rocked by critical financial events which have driven the global finance program to the brink of genuine disaster. The scary part in all this? The bailout didn’t ease fears. That is right: The $850 billion bailout didn’t function. At least not however. And world marketplaces were crashing today, sending investors running for cover.